Working through a capital market transaction is a challenging, time consuming and draining process. In completing a transaction, business owners stake their future success, harvest years and often a lifetime of hard work. RKCA is here to guide you through the complicated and tumultuous transaction process to see that you GET THERE!

About Us

RKCA is a leading regional middle-market investment bank. We provide comprehensive advisory and financing services to companies ranging from venture to privately held middle-market businesses to large publicly traded corporations. We apply our knowledge, experience, network and energy to facilitate a successful outcome.

A registered broker dealer since 1986, RKCA exists to help align your goals with capital opportunities. The complex and thoughtful work involved makes it important to have an experienced investment banking professional on your side to help navigate through the entire deal process. By executing the smartest and most profitable plans, you can rest assured that you are soundly positioned to reach your goals.


Focus & Values

All of our clients, regardless of size, get our devoted attention. We operate with integrity and straightforward guidance, trusting in the talent of our people and the relationships we’ve forged. Our advisors will assist with your strategic objectives efficiently, competently and with an extremely high rate of success.



M&A Advisory

A merger or acquisition can be the solution to a variety of situations.  Whether seeking an exit strategy, exploring exponential business growth, or selling an asset or division as a part of a restructuring course of action.  Finding a buyer, seller or partner - in addition to structuring and negotiating a deal - is a challenging process. Our extensive M&A experience enables us to achieve superior outcomes for our clients.

We believe our perspective and knowledge from advising both buyers and sellers in the middle-market space, positions us uniquely to achieve high quality results for our clients. We have the ability to leverage our network and databases of corporate and private equity buyers to optimize the value of your capital transaction.



RKCA provides the knowledge, network and experience to assist with all growth capital needs. Whether financing growth through acquisition, embarking on a large capital expenditure project, financing a dividend recapitalization or looking for an equity partnership, RKCA has access to financial providers to fit your needs. Navigating through your options takes competence and patience.  RKCA advises on funding via traditional commercial lending and banking, Asset Based Lending (ABL), Business Development Corporations (BDCs), mezzanine or subordinated debt lenders, Private Equity Groups (PEGs) and family offices.


Strategic Evaluations

Human and financial capital allocation decisions are the single largest value creating or diminishing activity in management’s responsibilities. Too often leaders are making decisions without truly understanding the return expectations or the impact those decision have on the value of their company. RKCA is in a unique position of both actively managing businesses as well as representing clients who are actively buying and selling businesses in the market. This experience allows us to provide thought leadership on decisions addressing matters of value creation. RKCA applies their learned experiences in your business to drive at the desired goals and objectives.


Principal Investment

On a limited basis, RKCA partners with founders, entrepreneurs, management teams and industry executives on direct investments in lower middle market and late stage venture businesses. In these situations, RKCA acts as an independent sponsor through structuring, financing, fund raising and ongoing management of the business. Funds are raised on a deal by deal basis. Representative investments include Profill Holdings, DotLoop, MN8 Foxfire, The Consult, ECP, Kelsey Chevrolet, Trinity Guardion and RentLever.


Special Situation, Distress Advisory, Debt Restructuring

Economic downturns are troubling to everyone.  Some companies that are otherwise operationally sound can find it difficult to refinance existing debt or obtain the credit needed to continue their business. In either a debt refinancing or sale of a distressed company, these transactions are unique and require additional considerations such as:

  • Accelerated Process – A sense of urgency and a streamlined process is critical to bringing this type of deal to a successful outcome.
  • Modified Valuations – Valuing a distressed asset or company requires modifications that a healthy valuation does not.
  • Multiple Parties – Conflicting stakeholders (owners, lenders, management, suppliers, etc.) require a strong, objective leader to determine a resolution acceptable to all.




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