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RKCA Promotes Neil Ursic to Partner 

RKCA, a privately-held, independent investment bank announces the promotion of Neil Ursic to Partner.

Neil joined RKCA in 2019 as its Vice President of Direct Investments, after serving as CEO of Batterii, a SaaS-enabled market research firm based in Cincinnati. During his time at RKCA, Neil has worked primarily inside the operating companies which make up RKCA’s Direct Investment practice. Neil also works closely with RKCA’s syndicate of investors, as well as participates in M&A advisory transactions. Neil maintains his Series 79, 82, and 63 licenses.

“I was clear from our first Interview with Neil that he was a driven and talented individual who could meaningfully improve how we were partnering with our companies.  Soon after joining us as an employee, he showed us his personal values aligned incredibly well with our organizational values and it was clear we had hired a future partner.  We are thrilled that he has chosen to commit to us by becoming a partner.  His doing so is a critical step to realizing the organization that Tom, Mono and I originally set out to create,” said Brent Rippe, a Partner at RKCA.

Neil joins as the fourth Partner at RKCA. The Founding Partners of RKCA include Brent Rippe, Tom Compton, and Mono Bhattacharya.

“For almost three years now, Neil has been an instrumental part of RKCA’s continued success. He has a skillset, background and eagerness perfectly suited to champion RKCA direct investment portfolio companies in the years to come.  I’m glad to have him as a part of the growing team and am thrilled he has committed to RKCA at the partnership level,” said Tom Compton a Partner at RKCA.

Mono Bhattacharya, a Partner at RKCA added, “Neil has been an excellent addition to the team. His background lends itself perfectly to manage our portfolio companies. We were lucky to have him join us nearly three years back and now, even luckier that he has decided to invest his future with us and be a part of the partnership group.”

“Coming from an operating background and joining RKCA has been the best career decision. I’ve had the unique opportunity to work alongside incredibly talented men and women each day, both at RKCA and within our portfolio companies. The foundation that Brent, Tom, and Mono built years ago has resulted in new investments for the firm, additional M&A advisory clients, and our team has grown from five to fifteen since I joined. Most importantly, our mission-driven culture to help create “A life’s work, realized”™ means that we’ll be active participants in strengthening and engaging in the greater Cincinnati region for decades to come.”

RCKA Vice President Eric Hornung said of the promotion: “RKCA is lucky to have Neil on board as a Partner; and, I have been lucky to work closely with him. Neil embodies our core values and has continuously pushed to develop our Direct Investments practice. His ability to make business personal and manage tough situations in an emotionally intelligent manner make him invaluable to the portfolio companies he serves. I look forward to seeing how our Direct Investments practice and RKCA as a whole evolve under Neil’s leadership as Partner.”

Outside of RKCA, Neil serves on the advisory board for Wright Brothers Inc., and the Summit Country Day Parent Advancement Network.

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