RKCA facilitated a sell-side M&A transaction for Aladdin Steel, (“Aladdin”), a leading specialty steel distributor of carbon steel tubing and pipe. 

Aladdin was founded in Gillespie, IL by Gene Eschbacher and partners in 1976. Over the years, the company grew significantly and expanded its product line with additional material types, sizes, and finishes. In 1995, Aladdin expanded into a second facility located in Carlinville, IL. In 2009, Gene became the sole owner and focused the company to scale. Aladdin’s success is rooted in its emphasis on an expansive product line and a team focus on customer service.

Aladdin was acquired by Holleway Capital (“Holleway”), a private equity firm based in St. Louis, MO, with a focus on Midwestern manufacturers and distributors of industrial products. Holleway was founded by Holly Huels and Wes Hampp, each of whom have led long tenured careers investing in the lower middle-market and working closely with entrepreneurs and founder-owned businesses. Holly and Wes have an appreciation for the hard work and many years it takes to build a business.

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