5 things no one ever tells you about selling your business

Download the pdf | Read the original article Ten thousand baby boomers are retiring every day. Those retirees collectively own and operate approximately 3.5 million businesses in the United States. If past precedent holds, there will be more than 3.0 million businesses sold, closed, or transitioned in the next two decades. Where retirement means selling a business, […]

The “Second Bite” Explained: Three Ways an Equity Roll Can Benefit Existing Ownership

In a company sale, there are a variety of ways a deal can be structured to provide consideration for existing shareholders. Cash at close, seller notes, earnouts, and equity rolls can all play a part in rewarding existing ownership for what they’ve built. Frequently misunderstood, an equity roll occurs when existing ownership “rolls” a portion […]

Ownership Consideration: What’s the Best Type of Buyer for My Company

When looking at an exit even for your business, it is important to understand the different types of potential buyers that can encountered in a sale process. A thorough sell-side M&A process identifies a multitude of both financial and strategic buyers. These different buyer types all have different approaches in negotiating and structuring a transaction. […]

EXCLUSIVE: Cincinnati investors acquire local family business

A group of Cincinnati investors led by an investment banking firm is acquiring a majority stake from the founders of family-owned Northern Kentucky manufacturing firm Stairtek Inc.  Mount Adams-based RKCA and the investment arm of Cincinnati-based Amend Consulting teamed up to buy out two of the three co-founders of Stairtek on Sept. 30 at an […]

One of Greater Cincinnati’s longtime largest private companies sold

A restaurant company that ranked among Greater Cincinnati’s largest private companies for years has been sold. Bistro Group Inc., the Mariemont-based company that’s one of the largest TGI Fridays franchisees, sold its restaurant operations last week to Falcons Restaurant Group. Read the Full Article >

ParkerGale Capital acquires legal enterprise software provider Rippe & Kingston

CINCINNATI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rippe & Kingston, a leading provider of financial and practice management software for law firms in the U.S., announced today it has received a majority investment from technology-focused private equity firm ParkerGale Capital. Rippe & Kingston was founded in 1982 by George Kingston and Joe Rippe, and has established itself as a reliable, best-of-breed […]

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