Cushman Foundry

RKCA facilitated a sell-side M&A transaction for Cushman Foundry (“Cushman”), an aluminum foundry, to CaneKast, a network of non-ferrous foundries with five existing acquisitions located throughout the US. The transaction closed in January 2022.

Cushman Foundry was established in the 1970s and was purchased by the sellers in 1981. Cushman is a green-sand casting operation with both small and large volume part production for a variety of industries including industrial equipment. Cushman has achieved longstanding success and customer relationships due to its capabilities, quality, reliability, and strategic proximity to major customers.

Cushman is CaneKast’s sixth acquisition. CaneKast’s other operations are no-bake casting, green-sand casting, and permanent-mold foundries. Cushman’s customers will gain access to CaneKast’s additional capacity, heat-treating, machining, permanent mold/gravity-fed die-cast, rapid prototyping and improved part development capabilities.

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