Innovative Labeling Solutions, Inc. and Wizard Labels, LLC

RKCA provided sell-side advisory to Innovative Labeling Solutions, Inc. (“ILS”) and Wizard Labels, LLC (“Wizard”), on its sale to Brook and Whittle Holdings, Corp. (“Brook & Whittle”).  Brook & Whittle is majority owned by private equity firm Snow Phipps Group, L.L.C. (“Snow Phipps”).  ILS is the preeminent full-service provider of high-quality digitally printed prime labels.  Since purchasing its first digital press in 2005, ILS has continued to build out its digital printing infrastructure, becoming the first label converter in the world to install a 20000 HP Indigo digital press.  Through its early adoption of digital printing technology, continued dedication to digital innovations and operational excellence, ILS has established itself as the leading digital label converter in North America. 

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