JFlow Controls

RKCA facilitated a sell-side M&A transaction for Advanced Control Products, LLC, doing business as J-Flow Controls (“J-Flow”), a leading value-added manufacturer and distributor of flow control products.  The transaction closed in July 2021.

J-Flow was founded in 2001 by Tony Beuke, President of Operations, and Ken McMurry, President of Sales, who have over 50 years of collective experience in the industrial valve industry.  J-Flow manufacturers and distributes a wide range of flow control products, including customized ball valves, butterfly valves, segmented valves, automation controls, and various specialized valves and accessories.  The company’s success is rooted in its extensive valve and application knowledge, highly technical sales force, customer service, and high-quality products.

J-Flow was acquired by Flow Control Group, a portfolio company of KKR.  Flow Control Group serves as a trusted, value-added distributor and advisor to more than 10,000 customers and 2,000 suppliers in North America for technical flow control and industrial automation products and related services.  Customers rely on Flow Control Group for their engineering expertise, technical support, and service capabilities for high value products including air equipment, pumps, valves, process control, and industrial automation, amongst other product categories.

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