Slice Software

RKCA is pleased to announce the successful sale of Slice Software, Inc. (“Slice”), an RKCA direct investment portfolio company, to green industry software provider Landscape Management Network Inc. (“LMN”), a portfolio company of private equity group Serent Capital. Slice was LMN’s first acquisition. The transaction closed in February 2021.

An RKCA-led group of investors purchased Slice from the founding Thornton family in 2018. Thornton’s Nursery in Maineville, OH originally developed Slice to serve their internal ERP and accounting needs in the 1980s and grew it to serve hundreds of customers through the 1990s and 2000s. Through its ownership, RKCA and Slice CEO Joe Rippe added cloud hosting and mobile capability to the platform.

Founded in 2009, LMN is a leading provider of business management software for landscape professionals. Its proprietary cloud-based platform is used by landscape companies across Canada and the US. Slice employees will continue their involvement as a part of LMN.

“We are pleased to see the Slice customer and employee base join LMN’s growth plan with significant resources from Serent Capital,” said Tom Compton, RKCA Partner.

RKCA ran the sale process as M&A advisor and investment banker. Brent Rippe, Partner, Tom Compton, Partner, and Brent White, Analyst led the transaction.

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