Strategic Consulting

RKCA’s strategy practice provides comprehensive advisory solutions on a consultative basis. Our long-term approach and depth of experience in capital markets advisory enables us to identify objectives and deliver additive value, even in situations where the ultimate outcome isn’t a transaction. RKCA’s strategic consulting is designed for clients looking to execute long term M&A strategies where an exit event is not an immediate priority. RKCA delivers valuable insights on value drivers that clients may utilize to pursue their individual growth strategies.


• Strategy consulting

• Outsourced CFO services

• Investor relations management

• Outsourced broker-dealer

M&A Advisory

Whether seeking an exit strategy, exploring exponential business growth, or selling an asset or division, a merger or acquisition with the right organization may be the perfect solution.

Financing Engagements

Financing options like growth through acquisition, embarking on a large capital expenditure, or finding an equity partner require access to the right providers for your needs.

Direct Investment

If you are looking for independent sponsor through structuring, financing, fundraising, and ongoing management of your business, we can find and secure capital you need.

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