Nobody cares, not even your mama

It’s my opinion that in this current climate of 2022, it is easy to feel sorry for yourself. Here are some examples of conversations I’ve had over the last 72 hours with business owners: We had a prospective client scored as 70% confidence in our pipeline, but they went with another service provider We received […]

The Power of Mindset in a Deal

Over the last three years at RKCA I’ve had the opportunity to observe many sell side transactions. I use the term “observe” for two reasons: My primary day-to-day role is focused on our Direct Investment Portfolio My route to RKCA and by extension the world of investment banking is rather circuitous, and I’ve done more […]

The Power of the 20 Mile March 

In advance of our third child arriving in June (be on the lookout for a guest RKCA Insights writer that month), my wife and I are “glamping” in southeastern Ohio.  As I write this from the porch of our cabin with a fire going, I’m both wondering why I brought my laptop and also reflecting […]

PE transactions, more popular than Squid Games in 2021

As of this writing, we mark the two-year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic. When studying the impact on the Private Equity markets, its our opinion that the pandemic did little to slow down the industry’s momentum in 2021. As a result of the various monetary actions taken by the Fed during the pandemic, both private […]

What Joe Burrow Teaches us about Intangibles

Let me be the last (hopefully) person to wish you a Happy New Year, it is February after all.  2022 has started off with stock market declines, ice storms, Omicron rates surging, and some welcomed retirements in the NFL.  Most exciting, for those of us who call Cincinnati home, the Bengals are heading to the […]

A December to Remember Sales Event 

No…this is not a promotional email to buy a new Lexus with a giant bow on top right in time for the holidays. But as we sit here in mid-December, I cannot help but reflect on the last twelve months and what we all thought this December would look like. JK Galbraith famously said, “there are […]

RKCA Promotes Neil Ursic to Partner 

RKCA, a privately-held, independent investment bank announces the promotion of Neil Ursic to Partner. Neil joined RKCA in 2019 as its Vice President of Direct Investments, after serving as CEO of Batterii, a SaaS-enabled market research firm based in Cincinnati. During his time at RKCA, Neil has worked primarily inside the operating companies which make […]

Loss Aversion Regulators

The concept of Loss Aversion has been well studied. It came out of the 1979 work by Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky and is encapsulated in the expression “losses loom larger than gains.”1   Essentially, people feel pain from losses much more intensely than they feel pleasure from gains of the same size. Kahneman and Tversky […]

Why Buzzword Bingo isn’t so bad (sometimes)

After a decade in management consulting in my 20s, I received certain perks: being paid to borrow clients’ watches to tell them what time it is, hotel status galore, airline miles for days, and the right to poke fun at the buzzwords that consulting firms throw around. But before you get your Buzzword Bingo cards […]

Compounding effects and why you should hire a moving company

Have you ever witnessed a feat of human strength so incredible it’s etched in your brain? Maybe you saw something in the most recent Olympics, or watched “Grandma rips phonebook in half” on YouTube, and thought “how does someone do that?” I’ve recently witnessed something even more impressed: movers.   My family and I recently moved homes (after […]